Online – Body Wood Therapy


Transform your practice with our Online Body Wood Therapy Class:

  • Direct Learning from Ania Botero: Benefit from the expertise of SculptICE’s founder.
  • Live Demonstrations: Master key wood therapy techniques for fat reduction and cellulite elimination.
  • Comprehensive FAQs: Expand your knowledge with answers to common questions.
  • Safe Practices: Learn the essential do’s and don’ts for effective and safe wood therapy.
  • Professional Resources: Get consent forms, certification, and suggested protocols.
  • Marketing Boost: Access materials to promote your new services.
  • Unlimited Access: Revisit the class content anytime to perfect your technique.

Elevate your service offerings with the skill of wood therapy and join a community of wellness enthusiasts. Start your journey today, and remember, this invaluable learning experience is a lifetime investment in your professional growth. (Note: Wood tools not included, classes non-refundable).



Step into the world of beauty with our Online Body Wood Therapy Class, crafted to equip you with the art and science of wood therapy. Under the guidance of Ania Botero, the founder of SculptICE and a pioneer in the field, this class not only teaches you the techniques but immerses you in the culture of natural body sculpting. The course covers the Lipo Reductive Technique and Anti-Cellulite Technique, providing in-depth knowledge and hands-on practice to ensure you gain the proficiency and confidence to enhance your client’s wellness journey.

A thorough FAQ segment, a detailed list of do’s and don’ts, and access to professional consent forms are included to round out your education. Plus, you’ll receive a digital booklet with protocols, recap videos, a theory class, a demonstration class, and an online certificate to showcase your achievement. Our course also offers special product pricing, access to our professional community, and a wealth of other resources.

Please note, wood tools required for the class are not included and should be purchased separately. As with our other classes, the fee is non-refundable.