Online – Snatched Waist


  • Achieve the perfect snatched waist with our exclusive online class:
    • Expert Techniques: Learn from Ania Botero, a leader in Colombian body sculpting.
    • Targeted Sculpting: Ideal for slim and athletic figures looking to define their shape.
    • Skin Health: Safely tone and firm your waist without damaging your skin.
    • Combat Cellulite: Reduce cellulite and smooth your skin with proven methods.
    • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covers everything from proper tool usage to advanced sculpting techniques.
    • Essential Tools Required: Prepare with your body oil, roller, cup, and board (not included).
    • Model Needed: Practice your new skills on a model during the class.

    Take the first step towards a more defined and toned physique. Secure your spot today – the journey to your dream body awaits. Classes are non-refundable.



Unlock the secrets to a beautifully contoured waistline with the Snatched Waist Online Class. Guided by the expertise of Ania Botero, founder of SculptICE and a proponent of the renowned Colombian sculpting technique, this class offers a unique opportunity to learn how to achieve an hourglass silhouette. Perfect for slim and athletic individuals, this technique safely and effectively targets stubborn adipose tissue, reduces the appearance of cellulite, and tones the skin without causing damage. With the Snatched Waist method, you’re not just attending a class; you’re embracing a transformative experience that will elevate your body sculpting skills.

Please note, to get the most out of this class, you’ll need to have your own body oil (orange or coffee), an engraved roller, measuring tape, a small Swedish cup, and a contouring board, as these tools are not included. Don’t forget to bring a model to practice on during the class. Keep in mind, once you’ve secured your spot, the class fee is non-refundable.