Live Zoom – SculptICE® Specialist Class: Body ICE & Metal Therapy

Original price was: $926.00.Current price is: $799.00.

Join our Live Zoom SculptICE Specialist Class for Body ICE & Metal Therapy:

You’ll receive 1 SculptICE Full body, 1 SculptICE Target Area, 1 MushroomCup & 1 Board

  • Live Certification: Led by Ania Botero, learn innovative body contouring techniques.
  • Instant Benefits: Deliver treatments with immediate results in firming and cellulite reduction.
  • Comprehensive Tools: Includes SculptICE products and essential metal tools.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in live theory and demo classes for hands-on experience.
  • Professional Credentials: Earn your online certificate and become a recognized SculptICE Specialist.
  • Exclusive Gear: Receive an official SculptICE T-shirt as part of your specialist kit.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Classes are held at 10 am MST, with the option to reschedule.

Secure your spot in our next live session and be ready to showcase amazing ‘Before and After’ transformations to your clients. (Note: Non-refundable, reschedulable classes).